Pumpkin Oats With Banana

Reintroducing pumpkin into my diet is always welcomed!! It’s funny though because I rarely, if ever, think about pumpkin anything during the summer, and the second I get a taste of fall weather—boom! It’s on my mind daily! Yesterday, I had a pumpkin spice iced coffee (which I may already be planning again for today), and today I started my day with pumpkin oats!

The STAR of the show

The bowl contained:

½ cup oats
1 tablespoon Chia Seeds
Stevia to taste
½ cup organic pumpkin
Pumpkin pie spice
1 sliced banana
Unmeasured almond butter

I cooked the oats + chia seeds on the stovetop in 1 cup of water. Then I sweetened them up with stevia. I don’t know about you, but I like to layer my oats (rather than mixing them up) so that I can see all the ingredients and get a little bit in each spoonful. There’s a science to my eating. 😉 The layers went like this: oats, banana, pumpkin, banana, and almond butter.

Up close and personal. Get in mah belly!

I give all bloggers props for taking pictures of delicious food when all you want to do is eat it!
So there’s a little something I want to bring up that goes hand-in-hand with My Philosophy. Although I try to reject society’s portrayal of skinny women as the “it” girls, it’s often easier said than done. With the media impacting our lives more than ever, we are constantly bombarded with these images. Billboards, magazines, TV, movies…you name it, the seemingly perfect-bodied woman are there! Seemingly being the key word since airbrushing takes play more often than not!

One thing that really bothers me–to the point that I can’t ignore–are the magazines that come out with the “Best & Worst Beach Body” series. You see, I love to read celeb gossip magazines! Call it a guilty pleasure, call it shameful—either way it’s something I enjoy! The other day at the grocery store while browsing the magazines, I saw it: Star “50 Best & Worst BEACH BODIES!” Of course, I had to get it. And now to the point—the women whom they label with the “Worst Beach Bodies” are the normal-looking, healthy-looking women! Again, this is telling us that in order to have a good beach body we need to look perfect and airbrushed. And heaven forbid you have a bit of cellulite! It’s as if they are saying “if you have cellulite you better not even attempt to wear a swimsuit because we’ll catch you!” Take this picture for instance,

The caption for the photo: “Cottage Cheek.” While they did mention she was in awesome shape overall, STILL there is just no need to publish this picture. Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect. We should embrace our flaws, especially those that are out of our control, like cellulite! I suppose I contribute to this ridiculousness by buying these magazines, and also I know the old “they knew what they were getting into in Hollywood” biznass. Nevertheless, it is the message the pictures send that really do most the harm. Especially to the up and coming tweens and teens, that are impressionable to be begin with!

Rant Over.

Onto the plan for the day:
· Bike Ride to my parents to walk the pupperoni
· Paint
· Outline for communication class
· Lunch (I’m craving a ginorm veggie-packed salad bowl)


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