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Hey there and welcome to my blog!

A huge part of blogging involves “getting to know” the person behind the blog, right? You want to feel as if you can “connect” to the blogger somehow and finding a common thread allows you to do that.

However, sharing information about ourselves can often be tricky – we want to share, but we don’t want to share too much. On my blog, I try to keep things balanced by providing a glimpse into my life through a lens that is focused on staying healthy and active in a hectic world.

While the “my story” tab provides a view into why I started this blog (as well as the journey I took to realize what “healthy” means to me), this page provides an overview of who I am currently.

Let me introduce myself.


I’m Stefanie.


I am:

a graduate student.
Since September 2012, I have been pursuing my MA/PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at DePaul University. While I further my education, I am also working as a research and teaching assistant at the university. The program is rigorous (as PhD programs ought to be) and absolutely fantastic.

Thus far, I have taken courses in Advanced Statistics (ANOVA and Regression), Concepts, Methods, and Ethics in I/O Psychology, and Personnel Selection. I also took a special topics seminar focused on the stages in an employee’s lifecycle. Currently, I’m taking Performance Appraisal, Social Psychology, and Advanced Research Methodology.

I am also pretty heavily involved in experimental research and my current focus in on howothers’ perceptions of parents in the workplace can lead to stereotypical beliefs and ultimately discriminatory behavior (in promotions, hiring, firing, etc).

grounded by family. 
When I am not writing, grading, or reading, I am busy being a mom to an amazing kid (Adam). His intellect, compassion for others, and drive to excel in school never ceases to blow my mind. He keeps me grounded and on my toes at the same time.


Adam’s father (Sam) and I have been together for going on 12 years (that’s hard to believe, even for me!). We basically grew up together and we learn more about one another each and every day. I am so lucky to have a significant other who unconditionally supports me as I strive to reach my goals.


a cat lover. 
Sam, Adam, and I completed our little family by adopting two adorable cats (Georgie and Brody) from the Humane Society a few years ago.

They both have totally different personalities and we spend way too much time laughing at their crazy antics.

a vegetarian/vegan.
I have been a vegetarian for going on 4 years. Recently, I have adopted a diet heavily based on plants with the goal of living my life in a way that minimizes cruelty and suffering for all.

Furthermore, through my weight loss journey, I developed a passion for health and nutrition. I truly believe that a healthy diet is created through moderation. Perfection is not the goal; rather, I operate on the 80/20 rule. That is, I am on my game 80% of the time and the 20%, I give myself a break (cookies may not be healthy, but they sure are delicious).

In addition to eating a balanced, plant-based diet, I love staying fit and active. Nothing beats the energy-boost from an intense run or a great weight-lifting session.

In a nutshell, I am devoted to school, family, and health. In addition, I believe that as humans, we have duty to live with compassion and respect for all.

So there you have it – a little glimpse into my daily life.

I should note that since starting grad school, I have struggled with finding the time to update my blog. While I used to post multiple times a week, I now post a few times a month.

However, blogging has a been huge source of inspiration (as well as a way to keep myself accountable) over the years – so, The New Healthy is here to stay.

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