Stronger Iced Coffee {espresso cubes}

Since I have an ice maker attached to my freezer, I’ve never needed ice cube trays. They simply weren’t necessary.

That is, until I started seeing all the fun ways to make ice cubes interesting on Pinterest. Pinterest tends to bring out the wannabe creative side in me. It makes me want to be creative, yet I never quite get around to doing it.

Not this time. After going on an ice cube tray hunt (I couldn’t find them anywhere), I got busy jazzing up my favorite beverage—iced coffee.

Iced coffee is always delicious during those first few sips. The coffee is strong and the caffeine starts to do its job. But then before you know it, the ice starts to melt and your tasty treat starts turns into water with a splash of coffee.

I’m going to change all that. Because of their wallet-draining effects, Starbucks iced lattes are one of my “5 things to avoid in April.” If I’m going to be making my own iced coffees, then they can at least be interesting (and strong).

I pretty much always have a pitcher of iced coffee chilling in the fridge. I simply brew a pot of strong coffee, let it cool, and then chill it for those times when I need an afternoon pick-me-up.

{So Delicious coconut milk creamer is an absolute must in my coffee.}

During the summer, I have to chug my iced coffee so that I can get my caffeine fix before the ice starts to melt.

Well, insert these little cubes and your weak iced coffees are a thing of the past.

As these fabulous espresso cubes melt, they make your coffee stronger!

They’re a breeze to make. Brew a pot of espresso blend (I like Starbucks), allow it to chill for a bit and then fill up the ice cube tray. Pop it in the freezer and get ready for an amazing drink.

3 espresso cubes + 2 T. So Delicious Hazelnut creamer (See how the espresso cubes start to melt a bit when the creamer is poured in? Wonderful.)

Pour in some chilled coffee and slurp away.

Bonus points if you add cinnamon, nutmeg, or some other flavor to your cubes. Flavored espresso cubes. That’s what I’ll be making next.

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