Peter, Peter, Pizza Eater

Happy Monday Bloggies! Hope everyone’s week has gotten off to a good start!

Let’s do a little rewind back to yesterday evening.

While studying my behind off (it’s too bad studying can’t literally work my behind off), I prepared an easy dinner using this beauty:

Acorn Squash

These suckers are HARD to cut open. I count that as my arm workout, for real!
I simply sliced it up, spritzed it with EVOO on both sides, sprinkled with cinnamon and pepper, and then roasted at 425 degrees for about 30 minutes (until both sides were lightly browned).

I ate it with Oikos plain Greek yogurt and honey mustard. Delish.

Notice the new fall plate my Mom got me simply for blog purposes. Cute, huh? Thanks Mom!

I got my work-out on with Turbo Fire 30. Then showered my stinky face and got to studying.

After a few hours of straight reading (research articles on empathy), I took a break to make my lunch that I ate today.

Wrap with Acorn Squash and Almond Buttahhh–This was pretty good, but it was lackin’ a lil something. Cinnamon maybe? I’ll try that next time.

Carrots n’ Hummus

Tropical fruit tart larabar

Fast forward to today.

I had a full day of back-to-back classes. In which I managed to find about 10 minutes to scarf that packed lunch! Besides for the larabar, which I saved for the way home. You see why it’s necessary I pack my lunch? I wouldn’t even have time to get something if I wanted to!

On my way home, I needed some caffeine, so I stopped at Starbizzle for a Venti Pike Roast with sugar free caramel syrup and steamed soy milk. Mmm, mmm good!


Thumbs up everyone! (in his soccer gear after practice)

I also picked up some new Keurig K-cups: pumpkin spice!! I was so excited when I saw these and there were only two boxes left, so of course I bought both! I can’t wait to have a cup in the morning! Tis’ the season.

Finally, I got home–well to my parents house, but it’s home all the same. My mom and I took the pup for a walk and then we had dinner! It’s a big football game tonight (Bears vs. Packers) and while I don’t watch football—I still enjoy the pizza that comes along with it!

Thin Crust Garden Veggie from Papa John’s

My plate:

A side of chemicals:

No, I didn’t forget about the “no pop challenge” but my sister and I decided that pizza night could be an exception.

Now I’m about to do some school work and I’m contemplating a night time run.

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