Not The Same Old Veggie Bowl

I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning out my entire office and organizing all of my notes from the past semester.

I’m a worry-wart, so I store anything that may be of importance to me in the future. I worry that as soon as I pitch it—I’ll need it. Most of my notes/papers are also saved as word documents in my e-mail—hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

My file drawer is now nice and organized.  (That’s only 1/3 of all the stuff I’ve kept!)

It’s actually a bit funny because I normally love to throw stuff away and get rid of clutter. Really. I get all giddy when I clear the clutter.

Do you keep your old documents/notes/exams?

This morning’s breakfast was a new sandwich!

Apple Banana Almond Butter Sammy

I topped 1 half of a toasted Arnold thin with:

  • almond butter & thinly sliced honey crisp

The other half is topped with:

  • apple butter & sliced banana

All covered with cinnamon,

and eaten like so:

Looks like my sandwich grew a pair of pointy ears!

These flavors went together perfectly.

crunchy apple + soft banana + creamy butters = yum in my tum


Just to give you your daily dose of cute kitties, and to make myself look like a crazy cat lady. Success?

The rest of the morning was spent coordinating my research schedule, replying to e-mails, and of course catching up with you lovelies through blog land.

Before I knew it, my stomach was rumbling for lunch. I’m planning on getting in a workout later, so I kept it light with a veggie bowl.

A sweet potato veggie bowl. Oh Mylanta, why haven’t I added sweet potato to my bowls before?

  • baked sweet potato (leftover)
  • spicy black beans (also, leftover)
  • spinach, carrots, tomatoes
  • dressing: nutritional yeast/hummus/salsa

Those funny looking brown chunks are rolled dates. <—for a little sweetness

See ya later sweet potater. <—I moonlight as a poet. Didn’t cha know it?

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