Musings Over Coffee (and Apple Pie Oats)

This morning as I sit and enjoy my warm mug of coffee, I wonder:

Why do I procrastinate during weeks in which I have 3 papers due?

In line with that, why do professors assign papers that are due right after Thanksgiving Break? Don’t they know we need a full-week to recover from our food-comas and get back into the swing of the things?

Why did I sign up for my first race during the winter? My outdoor running motivation has to be pulled from the deep dark depths when I wake up to a bone-chilling frost.

And in line with that, will I be prepared for a cold race day if most of my training runs are completed indoors on a treadmill? Not to mention, my indoor running attire is more to the tune of mid-summer weather.

Maybe I should start layering up for treadmill runs? Winking smile

Enough complaining pondering, how about some breakfast action?

This morning was an oats kind of day. I’m somewhat sinful and I really only enjoy oats a few times a month! Usually I prefer my breakfasts savory and more along the lines of eggs and toast.

Actually, my perfect breakfast includes both savory and sweet. But that’s not really relevant, so I digress.

Apple Pie Oats with a Protein Punch

*egg protein punch was inspired by Holly’s Banana Custard Oats (which I’ve had bookmarked for a while now! Smile)

1/3 C. Oats
1 T. Chia Seeds
1 egg
Pinch of sea salt
2/3 C. Water
Add all of your ingredients to a pot, whisk together and let ’em’ cook!


Apple Pie Spice
Maple Syrup


Almond Butter
Diced/warmed Apple
Apple Butter
Dollop of Greek Yogurt (like whipped cream)
More Apple Pie Spice

Tip: Dice your apple, top with spices, and then microwave for about 35 seconds! This softens the apple and makes for a perfect topping!

Can I just say that this Christmas-colored bowl makes me happy? It’s the little things. Smile

Something else that makes me happy? Today is Sam and my 9-year anniversary! And he remembered before I did! Smile

My papers are clouding my brain. (Excuses…)

We will celebrate this weekend anyway. 9 years means we have spent nearly a third of our lives together!

Happy Anniversary Sam! I love you. Red heart

Time to get some work done!

<3 Stefanie Question: What should I make for dinner tonight? Something easy and delicious for Sam! It can include meat for him! Feel free to link it up with suggestions. Smile

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