It’s Snack Time!

What do you usually reach for when it’s time for a snack?

I have a huge variety of go-to snack foods—and it always depends on what I have a taste for. Sweet or salty?

I prefer the best of both worlds! I like to have a salty snack followed by a sweet snack. Admittedly, I have to watch out because this can easily turn into a circular snackathon. Sweet—salty—sweet—salty—you get the picture. This has happened too many times to count.

Snacking is a huge part of my days—sometimes I’d rather snack my way through a meal than have an actual meal.

What’s your go-to snack? I know I’ve asked this question (or a variation) of it before—but who’s keeping track?

Time for research! Have a fantastic day loves!

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