In the words of my 8-year old: An Epic Breakfast

My carpets are all fresh n’ clean. To the tune of $250.00! What the heck? I even had a coupon! I originally planned on having the tiles in my foyer cleaned and sealed, but when they quoted me nearly $500.00, that idea went right out the window. The carpets look great, but the wallet is a ‘hurtin.

At least I had delicious breakfast over which to wallow in my poorness. 😉

Kale-Mushroom-Tomato Scramble

I added goat cheese as well.

Yum. I have to say, this was the best veggie egg combo I’ve had in quite some time.

With a side of Shaken Protein Coffee:

1/3 Scoop Protein
Sugar Free Caramel Creamer
Cold Coffee

My son had a 2-hour delay due to fog, so I also made him a nice breakfast. As opposed to his usual cold cereal, toast, or bagel!

Mini Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes

Did you notice the little specs in the ‘cakes? Those are Chia Seeds!
Topped with Maple Sizzurp.

I am told these pancakes were pretty epic! 😉

On the agenda for today:

Study for Cognitive Quiz
Research face washes (I’m looking to switch brands for my acne-prone skin.)
Target for unnecessary essential items
Leftover Lentil Salad for lunch!

Have a great Tuesday!

<3 Stefanie What type of face wash do you use? Any recommendations for skin that is acne prone?

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