Hummus For Breakfast

According to my family, I am a weird eater.

A large number of the foods that are dubbed as ‘weird’ are actually common in the blog world. And in fact, I’m certain I wouldn’t know of them had it not been for blogs.

So maybe, just maybe, if I didn’t read blogs, I would think these foods were strange too!

I’m weird for:

drinking GREEN smoothies

eating something called chia seeds <—whatever the heck those are Winking smile just owning maca, MSM, & cacao nibs… Putting mustard on everything and anything…oh wait, that has nothing to do with blogs. Maybe I truly am weird? Winking smile Most recently, I’m a bit odd for carrying for my hummus obsession over into my breakfast! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been one to label certain foods ‘only breakfast’ foods, or only ‘dinner foods.’ Rather I take the stance that “if it’s delicious, I’ll eat it any time of day baby!” So when I open the fridge and see that big tub of Sabra hummus, it’s only natural that I want some for breakfast!

Come on, don’t tell me that doesn’t look good! Winking smile

Hummus and avocado? A to-die-for combination. This combo should be the spokesperson for delicious simplicity.

It doesn’t get any simpler, and it doesn’t get any more delicious!

Okay, enough cheerleading for my weirdness! haha

.Toasted Whole Wheat Bun
.Topped with hummus, avocado, & nutritional yeast
.1 egg (fried in EVOO)

The necessary caffeine wake-up call. Times two.

So what do you think? Am I weird for eating hummus with my breakfast?

Or do you agree with my ‘if it’s delicious, I’ll eat it any time of day’ food philosophy?

Well I’m off to drown myself in books.

Today’s agenda (in a nutshell):

.Study for tomorrow’s Cognitive exam
.Write/e-mail abstract for Social Psych Lab
.Episode Analysis for IPC
.Run + Strength

Let’s do this! <—trying to harness my inner motivation right there <3 Stefanie

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