Green Monster Pumpkin Oats

^ Say that 10 times fast. Winking smile

This morning I made a big batch of creamy oatmeal with the plan to make his & hers oatmeal bowls.

I started off by cooking the oats in a combination of:

1 cup of water
1 cup of coconut milk
2 T. Chia Seeds
His were easy:

Cinnamon Apple Oats

In the bowl:

Local Honey
Brown Sugar
Topped with:

1/2 apple microwaved with apple pie spice
More Brown Sugar
Crushed Walnuts

Now as for my oats? Things got a little experimental.

After I had made the the oatmeal, I decided that a green monster sounded pretty good.

But I couldn’t waste the oats, could I? Oh, the dilemmas I have to face in life. Winking smile

The logical step? Well, I suppose some would simply say: have both, separately.

The logical step for me? Combine the two to make:

Green Monster Pumpkin Oats

A view from the top is deceiving.

There’s the oatmeal!

In the Green Monster:

1/2 Frozen Banana
2 huge handfuls of spinach
Coconut Milk
In the oats:

1/2 C. Pumpkin

All layered up.

Topped with an almond butter swirl and cacao nibs.

And devoured like this:

I love that neon green color! That color from natural foods equals nutrition in my book!

The verdict? Experimental success!

Although next time I would probably scale down the portions because I am FULL.

Something to talk about: lately when I run into people who I have not seen since my weight loss, their first comment is: “how did you do it?”

So of course I say “well I started running, watching what I eat…blah, work-out, blah…”

“What types of food do you eat?”

“Well I’m a vegetarian, so…”

“Ohhhh, so that’s how you lost the weight then! You stopped eating meat!”

No, actually that is not how I lost weight! In fact, becoming a vegetarian often can cause weight gain.

In general, there are two roads a meatless diet can lead to:

1. Carb-city. This is where the new-vegetarian becomes a sort of carbotarian and replaces the meat in their diet with starchy foods. You can see how this would lead to weight gain.
2. Veggie Town. This is the healthier route, and consequently the route I chose. This is where the vegetarian replaces the meat in their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables that contain the most nutrients.
That’s not to say you can’t find a happy-medium between Carb-City and Veggie Town, but the point is: cutting meat from you diet alone will not make you lose weight.

It’s not about what you don’t eat, it’s about what you do eat.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Have a great day guys!

<3 Stefanie

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