Full Body 100 Rep Workout

Each week I post new workouts on the blog for Sweat it Out Saturday, but this workout simply couldn’t wait.

After getting home from work last night, I wanted to do something quick and sweaty. Adam had friends over to watch a movie so rather than using the treadmill, I grabbed a few sets of weights and headed to my bedroom.

I flipped on Girl Talk Pandora (which is amazing, by the way) and the full-body 100 rep workout was born!

All you need is a pair of dumbbells, some open space, and some drive to get you going!

Note: for v-ups, lay flat on your back with your arms extended above your head. Simultaneously lift your arms and your legs up and meet your fingers to your toes. Slowly lower back down (engaging your core the entire way) and then repeat.

Once all is said and done, you will have pushed through 100 reps of each strength move hitting your biceps, your core, your glutes, and your legs! You’ll also have 8 minutes of heart-healthy cardio bursts under your belt.

Want to make it more challenging?

Add a jump into your squats or grab your dumbbells for extra weight.

Add in a 1 minute plank after each cardio burst.

Do a fifth set of exercises to make it 125 reps of each move and 10 minutes of cardio bursts!

Now I’d call that a successful sweat.


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