Feel the Fireee!

Hey! Hope everyone is having a great night so far. Mine hasn’t been too shabby.

Looking at my to-do list, I can say that it’s been a productive one as well. Check, check, and check, which leaves one last thing reserved for after this post.

I had a little snack of a banana and almond butter (half-eaten before I took a pic):

I helped this little cutie with his speech while munching on my nanner:

Then I spent a little quality time with this lady and her crew:

Turbo 45EZ, how I love thee! This video is just pure fun. There aren’t any fire drills, only different breakdowns with fun moves and good music! For those of you who haven’t had the chance to do Turbofire, the fire drills are one minute HIIT exercises where you pretty much go balls to the wall (for lack of a better phrase!). Then you rest for one minute and continue the work-out. While it’s great to have these bursts of high-intensity exercise, it’s also a nice break to have just a nice long work-out.
I stayed hydrated with this ginormous mug—got to have that H20.

After my work-out, I set out to make something (anything) with black beans! I have been craving these babies (and Chipotle, but that’s for another day). My fridge is pretty devoid of fresh produce, so I set out to make something mexi-style with whatever I could find.
I used these for a lil’ flava flave:

I rinsed the black beans to get rid of extra sodium. Then I tossed them in a warm EVOOed saucepan with the spices and some Rotel to simmer up.

This caught my eye:

So I crumbled it up and sautéed it some olive oil, more rotel and the rest of the broccoli from yesterday.

Final step–I mixed all the goodness together:

Bowled it, topped it with a little sour cream and whole foods salsa, and called it dinner.

This was really tasty! I think it would be good served over some brown rice (if you have time) or even wrapped up in a tortilla taco-style.

That’s all folks, good night!


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