Dinner For Breakfast!

Okay, so I didn’t actually have dinner for breakfast as my title would suggest, although I certainly wouldn’t be opposed! But I am going to show you last night’s dinner.

I had originally planned to make pizza on the grill. But plans change and things go wrong, so I ended up making pizza the conventional way: in the oven.

Why? Well, my son and I set out to fundraise for his school by selling huge tubs of cookie dough to all of our neighbors. The school really makes some little selling-machines by all of the incentives they offer. In particular, my son was motivated by a GAMES2U truck which parks in their school lot and is filled with electronic games of all sorts. I’m picturing a sort of “arcade-on-wheels?” Anyway, we’ve only lived in our home for about 2 years now, so we met a few new people and ended up staying out much later than anticipated.

Darkness and topping pizzas on the grill don’t really mesh. So the oven it was.

I really have a way of drawing out explanations, huh?

Regardless of cooking method, these pizzas turned out delicious!

I made homemade whole-wheat dough, for the first time! I used the “wine-bottle” method, since I don’t have a roller. It worked great!

“Homemade” sauce: (Tomato sauce, tomato paste, italian seasoning, oregano, crushed red pepper, a little sugar, garlic–all to taste)

The kids (my son, his cousin, and my little sister) and the man had simple cheese pizza. The final product seemed to escape the camera, and I only got a picture of the crust. I was hungry, so pictures weren’t a priority!

I had a super-thin crust pizza topped with sautéed mini sweet peppers, spinach, and mushrooms. And then crumbled goat cheese! Ah-mazing! I tried of a piece of the “kid-pizza” and I would choose mine any day!

Considering I am at work, I should probably do some work.

Exciting plans for tomorrow include soccer game, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and FroYo!!!

Plans for tonight? My man is taking our son to a Chicago Bulls game, so I’m going to find something fun and girly to do with my niece!

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