Dark Chocolate Covered Monkey Bars

While growing up, I was obsessed with frozen chocolate-covered bananas. We had a little drive-thru ice cream joint called the Dairy Dip and while everyone else ordered milkshakes or dipped cones, I always chose the chocolate-covered banana.

Well, I shouldn’t say everyone else ordered something different – my Mom also shares my love for chocolate covered bananas. 🙂

Unfortunately, Dairy Dip went out of business before I hit middle school (we won’t discuss how long ago that was). Needless to say, whenever I see a frozen chocolate-covered banana on the menu of another ice cream shop, I squeal a bit.

They’re so simple – so why may I ask, have I never tried to make a healthier dark chocolate version? I guess I don’t really care about the answer to that question, the important thing is that I finally did.

Thanks to Kat whose frozen peanut butter and chocolate chip banana reminded me of my long lost banana love.

One thing I love about chocolate-covered bananas is their versatility. You can pretty much cover them with whatever you’d like – which makes them friendly for all ages.

You can also use any type of dipping medium – butterscotch chips, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, nut butter, etc… it’s a blank slate, so get creative.

Then once you’ve chosen your dipping medium, you can spruce it up with whatever you’d like (or just keep it plain)…sprinkles, chocolate chips, crunch cereal, coconut (my choice)…etc.


Step 1. Cut your bananas in half and stick a popsicle stick into the larger end.

Place on a plate covered with wax paper (to prevent sticking) and freeze for a few hours (or until the bananas are firm to the touch – if you’re impatient like me).

Step 2. Once your bananas are pretty much frozen, prepare your topping of choice.

I chose a peanut flour, dark chocolate, coconut milk concoction (AKA what I had on hand at the time).

Melt your chocolate over super low heat, stirring the whole time. I added more coconut milk while the chocolate melted to get a nice consistency that was easy to spoon over the bananas.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Flour Topping

  • 1/8 C. peanut flour
  • 6 squares dark chocolate
  • roughly 1/4 C. coconut milk (start with about 1/8 and gradually add if needed)

Step 3. Top your bananas with the dark chocolate mixture and any other toppings of choice!

Freeze again and enjoy!

Make certain you eat one before your family gets a hold of them – these won’t last long!

We’ve already made the decision – next time we’re doing chocolate and sprinkles! Oh and we’re going to do an entire bunch of bananas so they last longer than 5 seconds.

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