Cold Weather Running

After dropping Georgie (our kitten) off at the vet this morning, I met my friend for a run! She is doing the 5k with me, so we’re going to try and run together a few times a week!

I love having running/work-out partners.

We did a new-to-me route, which is always fun! It was a bone-chilling 28 degrees when we started! Ahh!

I’m not going to lie, the first mile was a killer. I was freezing, my legs felt like lead, and I had snot dripping from my nose. Hottie.

Once my body went numb (no joke), the run was pretty much smooth sailing!

I ran 3.1 miles in 26:58! That includes walking twice (for about 0.10 mi) to catch my breath. It’s difficult to breathe in such cold temperatures.

Does the Garmin keep track of the splits for you, or do you have to tell it to? Yes, I still need to read the manual! Maybe over break I’ll have time?

I know my pace increased with each mile. I averaged a little under 9 min/mile. Not too shabby!

After the run we walked for about half a mile to cool down.

I plan on doing a stretching/yoga DVD later to make my legs happy.

Pre-run breakfast was an iced coffee to-go and an almond butter/banana sandwich on a toasted whole wheat bagel thin.

After the run, I had my usual bowl of veggies. Only this time I added roasted green beans! Yum!

These green beans were so good roasted! Green bean fries, anyone? I am going to make those with dinner!

Well I’m off to relax and maybe take a nap before Adam gets home from school.

I see a warm deep chocolate vitatop in my very near future.

One more day and then it’s Thanksgiving Break!

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