Chocolate-Covered Banana Parfait

We finally woke up to beautiful weather this morning.

The past few days have been storm city – which means movies, cuddling, and general laziness. Winking smileWhich is fine by me, but only for a day or two. By day 3, I’m ready to get outside and get some fresh air!

I’m taking full advantage of the final day of the long weekend by getting some Vitamin D!

You can find me here:

Let’s pretend that my deck is not in dire need of a power wash. Instead, just focus on the rays of the sun.

I’ll be reading this book:

Which pretty much sucked me in from the first page! They’re coming out with a movie in August and I always try to read the books before I see the movie!

I have a delicious strawberry shortcake iced coffee right by my side.

Before I planted my butt on the back deck, I made a delicious breakfast that’s perfect for a hot day.

Chocolate-covered Banana Oatmeal Parfait

Layer 1: cooked then chilled oatmeal.

Layer 2: sliced banana + cinnamon.

Layer 3: Sunwarrior chocolate-banana soft serve [frozen banana + 1 scoop chocolate Sunwarrior protein + a splash of almond milk]

I popped it in the freezer to chill a bit and then I devoured it in about 2.5 seconds. Well, not really, but it was that good.

Chocolate and banana go together perfectly.

Time to resume my reading + sun bathing.

Once I’ve built up my Vitamin D stores, I’m thinking a hike or bike ride is in order.

Have a wonderful day loves!

If you have the day off, do you have anything fun planned? Cooking out? Beaching it up?

<3 Stefanie

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