A Falltastic Breakfast

Yes, I love to make up words. I can’t help it–maybe my last name should be Webster! 😉

You’ll see how fitting the title is after I show you my breakfast. But first let’s talk about races. Running races that is, as I’m sure you gathered!

A goal I’d like to achieve in the near future: sign up for a race. Any race really, but I think starting at a 5k would be my best bet. I’ve been procrastinating because I’m super nervous! I’ve never really identified myself as a “runner.” Yes, I enjoy running for leisure. And considering that I’m really competitive, I think I’d really enjoy racing as well. I can chalk it up to being scared of failure. I don’t want to set myself up for failure because then I will be even more intimidated, which will make it even harder to sign up the next time! I’m pretty sure I can avoid this by starting with a small race and building up. I need to think like Nike and JUST DO IT! I think I will en-list my brother and sister and get this ball rolling!

I started my morning with an Autumn-inspired falltastic breakfast: pumpkin oats and pumpkin coffee. I may turn into a pumpkin soon!

Pumpkin coffee a’ la Keurig! With some sugar-free vanilla creamer, of course!
I need to have my Mama grab some more pumpkin creamers for me, hint hint. 😉

I made a big batch of oats for his and hers, but his were scarfed down before any pictures were taken! Typical.

In my bowl:
1 c. oats
Pumpkin pie spice
2 tbsp. pumpkin

Topped with:
Oikos plain Greek yogurt (which I’m now out of…grocery run ASAP!)
Almond butter

In case you were curious, his bowl contained:
1.5 c. oats
Organic Brown Sugar + Raw Sugar
Topped with:
Lots of nectarine
Chopped walnuts
More Brown Sugar

I’m about to blast some music and clean up the kitchen!

Then this will be dominated:

I’m not even sure where to start! But I do know that I have to practice time management if I expect to make a dent in this!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!

<3 Stefanie Any tips for training/your first race/anything that pertains to a newbie runner? Send em' my way! :)

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