Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It paid off!

Remember how I looked on the bright side when my car was broken into last week?

Well, the whole positive brings positive thing was spot on. I saw the positive in a seemingly negative situation and guess what happened?

All of my stolen items were recovered!!!!! Apparently, the thieves took all their loot to a local pawn shop only a few days after the incident. They pawned multiple stolen items (all of which were on a list for pawn shop owners to look out for).

Long story short – they were caught shortly thereafter with everything stashed in their trunk!

I had pretty much just written my stuff off as gone! So when the police officer called me to let me know I was going to be getting my stuff back - a happy dance was in order.

I couldn’t be more grateful! Smile


Last night we had a Mexican style family dinner!

Homemade Spanish rice, cumin-spiced chickpeas, black beans and corn, Turkey tacos for Sam, and all the taco fillings.

Being currently camera-less (but not for long), I only managed to snap one picture of my plate.

mexican night

The boys had tacos and I had a naked taco plate – no shell, extra rice. Times two.

I woke up this morning wanting oats! Whoa, who am I? I never wake up wanting oatmeal!

Somehow, I had oats on the brain this morning – so of course I indulged my craving.

strawb oatmeal

I had a huge bowl of voluminous oats (a la Katie’s method) with chia seeds!

I mixed my oatmeal with Vega vanilla almondilla, NuNaturals liquid vanilla stevia, and cinnamon!

strawb oatmeal_2

I topped them off with fresh strawberries, more cinnamon, and a few turns from this little gem of a bottle.


This bowl was absolutely delicious – I guess I need to eat oats more often! Smile

Have a wonderful day guys!

<3 Stefanie

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